Bacon.  I'm not sure where suddenly this love of bacon came from.  I mean, people have always loved bacon, was and still is a basic staple for breakfast, on burgers, and many other things... a meat wrap, jalapeno poppers, date wrap, so many options.  But it seems in the last few years this has really taken a leap forward in the bacon lover industry.  Now there are bacon scented clothing, masks (COVID era), bacon flavored lip balm, I mean you name it, there is probably a bacon related item for almost everything.  That may be an exaggeration, but you get the idea.  Bacon is everywhere.

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Now, the price of bacon is set to "skyrocket".  The price is higher than it's been in 40+ years.  This is not great news. According to CBS/WCCO, the USDA prices for pork, including bacon is going up...

...bacon prices are jumping by about 12 cents per pound a month — which is about 40 cents more than this time in 2015. The beloved pork product costs on average about $5.61 per pound.

That is definitely a downside, but the upside is that eggs have been dropping in price.  For example- a dozen grade A eggs have dropped by about 30 cents on average since March. This is giving consumers an average price of about $1.79 a dozen.

With this information sounds like limit the bacon intake to just a couple of slices with your meal of a bizillion eggs.  Because why not, right?  Eggs are cheap, bacon is going to be expensive for a bit... everyone needs to make adjustments.

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