This morning we had a story about how much time the average couple spends having sex on a weekly basis. The average is 69 minutes a week. Wow, that's almost 35 times a week. I have always tried to gear my self for the modern busy American woman and found my best line is "Hey, got a minute?"  During our conversation this morning, Laura mentioned the old story about Sting claiming he had sex on a regular basis lasting at least seven hours at a time. Come on, that's got to include the drive over, dinner, small talk, begging, foreplay and the main event. All us guys can do is the best we can at the time.  Nothing worse than a sexual romp that ends with an apology. Anyway, check out our on air conversation from this morning. When I said "70 minutes! That's almost 35 times!" You can almost hear the wheels turning in Laura's head as she struggles to do the math.

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