Whaaaaaa?????  Wait a second. I think we all know that Hawaii has been pretty locked down during this pandemic.  And recently they did open most things again, but in order to travel to Hawaii you had the choice of either quarantine for 14 days, or produce a negative COVID test within the last 72 hours to be allowed into Hawaii.


So, this couple from Minnesota did just that... they got a test to make sure everything would be great for their dream vacation after a very stressful and trying year.  I think we all know how relaxing a Hawaiian vacation sounds after this past year.  But all did not go well, and it seems quite odd.

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Joan and Grant Christianson did what they needed to do, but at different places.  Joan went to her local Walgreen's and did the self swab.  Grant actually had his test administered by a registered nurse at the Mayo Clinic.  And guess what... Joan's was accepted and Grant's wasn't because Mayo Clinic isn't on the list of "trusted partners". How is this even possible?  It's the MAYO CLINIC!!!  Who else is more trustworthy than the Mayo Clinic??

Grant wound up sleeping in a car for a night because the hotel wouldn't let him check in, then fly back to LA and get another test.  You can check out their full story here from Fox 9 News in Minneapolis.  

Obviously whoever is running the show in Hawaii needs to rethink who their "trusted partners" are and add Mayo Clinic. Major goof there!  Wow.

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