I think I may have found my new career path!

The fighting ninja
Getty Images/iStockphoto

A small Japanese town, which is the birth place of the Ninja- Iga, is looking for Ninjas.  Apparently there is a shortage because many of the younger people are moving to bigger cities and giving up on the Ninja career.

Bummer, right?  So the town is trying to recruit people to come and train to be a Ninja.  The pay and vary.  Any where from $23,000 to $85,000.  That seems like a big difference.  They say that there- that is great pay.  Not sure what the reason is for the variance in pay.... or what criteria is for which one, but still... that could be some good money.

Let's be clear as well... this isn't the kind of Ninja that goes around and actually kills people either.  This is the kind of Ninja that is there for show.  Basically to entertain tourists that come to the town specifically for this reason.


Any takers?

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