We all like to help out when we can. Whether it's donating old clothes, furniture or money, it's important to know where you donation is going. A lot of times most of the money you donate goes to administrative costs and very little ends up helping anyone.

For instance, The American Red Cross CEO collects a salary of $651,957 plus expenses. March of Dimes, only a dime of every donated dollar is given to the needy. United Way president gets a salary of $375,000 plus expenses. UNICEF CEO makes a bundle. 1.2  million a year plus expenses including a Rolls Royce.


All those sound bad but don't even compare to Goodwill. CEO and owner Mark Curan makes about 2.3 million annually. You donate, thinking you are doing some good.  Think again. "Goodwill" is a pretty catchy name but nothing, that's right NOTHING goes to the needy. They pay nothing for what they sell, pay their workers minimum wage and sell the items for profit.  What a racket!

Here is a list of the best charities to donate to:

The Salvation Army                              Disabled American Veterans

The American Legion                            Vietnam Veterans Association

Veterans of Foreign Wars                      Make a Wish

St Jude Research Hospital                    Ronald McDonald Houses

Lions Club International                         Military Order of Purple Hearts

Most all of these collect no salary and the majority, if not 100% of your donation goes to those in need.


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