Best burgers in AMERICA!  In America- now that's pretty high praise.  And, I'd like to know how to get on the list of people who get to travel around the world, or country and try out all of these restaurants to determine the best of whatever it is.  In this case, hamburgers.

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I have a friend that used to live here, but has since moved out of state.  She told me that she was planning to go to "Matt's" when she was back for a visit.  I'm thinking Matt's... is that someone I'm supposed to know?  Turns out it's Matt's Burgers and this is one of the restaurants on the list of "best burgers in America".  Matt's Bar and Grill is located in Minneapolis. And she told me that "they are known for their burgers" with that tone of "why don't you know that"?  Well, I do now!

Matt's Bar

Two other restaurants were also on the list.  They included Borough in Minneapolils and Hazelwood Food and Drink in Bloomington.

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Well, now that things are starting to open up again, and people are starting to be able to go place... with restrictions, of course, I'm thinking that it might be worth the short drive down to the metro to try out these restaurants.

Of course, we do have some pretty awesome burger places here in the St. Cloud area as well.  Val's Rapid Service on Lincoln Avenue always shows up on the "Best Burger" list along with Boulder Tap House and The Crooked Pint which is known for their variety of Juicy Lucy burgers.

Whenever you are looking to satisfy your burger craving, Minnesota has you covered.

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