It's Valentine's Day.  So. of course there are going to be a bunch of lists coming up having to do with the day.  Such as the most romantic areas, best places to eat, shredding your ex parties, and of course, the best love songs... and let's add the best break-up songs too.  

There are, of course, the traditional songs.  Like Boyz II Men, I feel like every wedding I've been to in the last 20 years has had one of their songs either before or during the ceremony... or maybe after.  But it's always there.  Included are Elton John, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Elvis Presley- several songs....

What about the break up songs?  Best ones I can think of is- Ugly Kidd Joe- Everything About You, and Greg Kihn Band, the Breakup Song.  How fitting...

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