For a short time... just about 2 years, I lived in Rochester, MN.  While I was there, I had the opportunity to visit Wabasha, Minnesota.  This is the most adorable town ever!  Mostly recognized as the town featured in the Grumpy Old Men movies, and especially the bait shop, Slipperys.  I actually have a sweatshirt from there- I had to.  But this town is so cute.  It looks like something out of some fictional town in a movie or a TV show.

Stacy's Kitchen/Facebook

They have very unique restaurants, and shops right on mainstreet.  One of which happens to be Stacy's Cafe.  They serve a variety of homemade goodness.  No, it's not low in calories, but it will make you feel all good inside.  Like comfort food.  You only do it every so often... but it is so worth it.

If you happen to drive to Southern Minnesota admiring the Fall colors in the coming weeks, and want to stop somewhere to have a delicious meal including their skillet omelets, make sure you make a stop in Wabasha.