Who'd have thought that one could experience better orgasms while high on pot?   I guess mostly those that had tried it.  Some researchers, after reading accounts of sex on pot, online, decided to do some solid research on the subject.

The entire study was about the effects of cannabis on libido, arousal, and the big O. (orgasm). The researchers on this study worked with 373 participants who had all solicited care from a certain OB/GYN practice. They were asked how happy they were with their sex life, including sex drive and orgasms.


When asked about cannabis use, 176 women said they had used cannabis before sex. 68.5% of those women reported a more pleasurable sexual experience while high. 60.6% reported an increase in sex drive and almost 53% noted more satisfying orgasms.

The study concluded that women that used weed before sex were over twice as likely to report a satisfactory orgasm. So, there you go. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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