I can't count how many times I've almost done this. You fill your car with gas and get distracted by something and start to drive off.  Luckily, I've caught myself before the gas station has to call the police.

There is a pretty funny story on the Big Lake Police Dept Facebook page and it involves none other than the Big lake Police Chief, Joel Scharf.

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Turns out while a Big Lake Police Officer was having a snack inside the Big Lake Kwik Trip, an employee approached him and asked if she could discuss a drive off that had happened recently?  Seems someone drove off without paying for their gas.  But, who was it?

Of course, the officer was happy to help.  Kwik Trip like most other businesses, has security cameras just for occasions like this one. The Kwik Trip manager gave the security photo of the car and person involved in the drive off.  According to the Facebook post, when the officer was handed the photo, the employees all burst out laughing.


When the officer looked at the photo, it just so happened that he recognized the drive off suspect. It was none other than Big Lake Police Chief, Joel Scharf putting some gas in a Big Lake Police car. In the picture he looks pretty involved with a phone call and most likely, being distracted, just forgot to pay for his gas.

I guess this could happen to anyone, but it makes it funny that it was the police chief.


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