Sounds weird, right?  But there are foods that pretty much everyone sucks on and then there are foods that no one but a few do... Gummy Bears.  Who sucks on those??  Well, apparently there are about 10% of people who suck on gummy bears.  Why would you do that? Do they even get any smaller?

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Chocolate- I ALWAYS suck on chocolate chunks as opposed to biting into those.  Biting chocolate seems like a complete waste.  You gotta savor that stuff!

And here's a strange one... Cheese balls.  I guess a lot of people suck all the cheesy stuff off of those things before biting.  Yuck.  AND cheese balls were invented by accident.  They were originally a by-product of animal feed.  Yes.  That just adds a level of grossness.


But anyway, you can check out the entire list of chewables and suckables here.  

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