When I vacation with the in-laws, things tend to blow up.

Once a year, the adults on my wife's side of the family gather at an old hunting shack half an hour from the Canadian border to go four-wheeling, eat & drink, and (legally and responsibly) shoot stuff. There is no electricity, no running water, and no cell reception.


Everybody is a good cook...and a good bartender. These trips tend to take a few days to recover from.

We take precautions, though; no shooting or driving after drinking. After I fractured my wrist during a rainy midnight ride a few years ago, we also keep the driving to daylight hours.

The only injury was a hornet sting, which was promptly treated with vodka. The trails were just muddy enough, the foliage was awesome, the weather was fantastic, and the company was excellent.

Check out a few pics from the trip! And, of course, the video.

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