ST. JOSEPH -- After 36 years, the owner of a well-known St. Joseph based restaurant is planning his retirement.

Both Bo Diddley's Pub and Deli locations are now up for sale. Owner John Forsythe says both restaurants are performing well, he would just like to retire soon.

"I'm 65, I have a lot of friends who are retired now. They're always trying to drag me off to go golfing and fishing and stuff like that, that I don't really have the time to do as much as they do. So it's simply time."

Forsythe opened the St. Joseph location in 1981. He says through this travels he noticed Subway had yet to come to the mid-west and that gave him the idea to open a restaurant with a similar menu.

"It seemed like a healthier type of food than a lot of restaurants. It was something that was coming. As restaurants go, it was an easier food concept."

After the success of the St. Joseph location Forsythe decided to open a St. Cloud Bo Diddley's in 1991.

Negotiations are still in the works for a buyer of both business locations. Forsythe they will be sold together as a packaged deal. He says although he's excited to start his retirement years, he still hopes to have some involvement with the restaurant.

"I'm looking forward to fishing, golfing and all the other stuff but I would like to keep my fingers in the business a little bit if possible."

Bo Diddley's has about 30 employees, Forsythe says his retirement and selling the business has been talked about for at least a year with staff.

If you are interested in buying Bo Diddley's Forsythe says to call 320-260-8868.


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