Budweiser always seems to have the best commercials.  I always look forward to those during the Super Bowl... those and also the Go Daddy ones seem to be the best.  Once in awhile Doritos- Frito Lay will make an entertaining one as well.


This year Minnesota native, Bob Dylan, has a song featured in one of the Budweiser commercials.  It's Blowin' In The Wind.

And speaking of these ads- when did they start releasing all of these ads before the big game is even played?  The Gillette one came out a couple weeks ago... now this one.  I'm not really complaining...but when you don't really care that much about the teams that are playing, it's fun to watch for the commercials.  And obviously there are a lot more of them, but still...

Anyway- this one is full of meaning, and I think it's pretty cool.