This isn't happening here in the states...yet.  But it's something that probably should be.  McDonald's has been trying to change the image of being unhealthy fast food.  And also trying to change kids wanting to get a happy meal because of the toy.  Although the book is better... they may want the meal for that too.  Honestly, I don't really see the issue with either.  If you don't want your kids to have fast food then don't go to McDonald's.  Or give them some healthier options while you are there.  As a parent, you do have that power....

McDonald's To Alter Dollar Menu With Higher Priced Items
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But anyhoo... books are better than toys.  I'll give them that.  And Roald Dahl books- those are awesome!  James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox, the list goes on!

Barnes and Noble scented book cover
Barnes and Noble
scented book cover

This is a great idea, and if it succeeds in New Zealand, they will try it stateside.


One little question- why don't they ever debut things here in the states?  We like to try stuff out too!

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