Quarantine- people are bored.  There are several videos out with people doing things that they never would have done normally. Some of them are pretty creative, too.

via youtube.com
via youtube.com

Things you would never normally do... like this stupid app. Well, normally I would say it's stupid.  But right now, it's looking fairly entertaining.  You just download this app and you can now deepfake yourself into a celebrity.  It says "become anyone from Billie Eilish to Keanu Reeves in a matter of minutes"... and clicks.

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One drawback...if you have an android device- no go.  This app is only for iPhone, for now.  It's called "Impressions".

There is even a YouTube video showing you some results.  How entertaining!

I think that's supposed to be Jim Carey- but looks super weird . But then again, so does Jim Carey.  Apparently each one of these videos that you can create using this app takes less than 3 minutes...but could potentially be hours of entertainment.

There - now this afternoon is taken care of.  Have fun!

SEE IT AT: https://wjon.com/covid-19-signs-of-the-times-photos/

COVID-19: Signs of the Time

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