I can't tell you how much it disturbs me that bullying still happens in schools. I'm not sure what the solution is but this crap has to stop.

According to www.valleynewslive.com eighth grader, Brooklyn Parklow, used to love going to school at Century Middle School in Park Rapids, Minnesota. She went from never wanting to miss a day to dreading the 7 hours a day she spent there. All because of bullying.

She thinks it all started when she became class president. Some students seemed to think another girl should have been chosen for class president. She says she endured to bullying and even would make excuses for the bullies.

Brooklyn says the school didn't exactly do nothing. The "talk it out" sessions had no positive results.  Brooklyn said that right after the sessions, she could hear the others laughing and making fun of her out in the hallway.

In late February, things took a turn to the dangerous side. Brooklyn was sitting at her desk alone, she says, because no one wanted to be around her. Two boys approached her and begin taunting her with a razor blade.


One of the boys cut her on the leg and she said it started to bleed badly. She then went to the principals office and they gave her a band aid but never asked what happened. For fear of repercussions She didn't report it but told her mother after her cut became infected.

Brooklyn's mother called the police and they are investigating. One of the boys apologized and gave Brooklyn $35 to replace the sliced pants.

The county attorney said no charges have been filed, as of yet, but that could change. Brooklyn is now being home schooled and is relieved to get away from the bullying, although,she said, it still occurs on social media..

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