All of my life I've seen people giving their dogs beer.  Like actual beer.  I've never understood the practice, why would you want your dog drunk?  But whatever, you do you.

Image Credit: User BuschBeer via Twitter
Image Credit: User BuschBeer via Twitter

Now, Busch beer has come out with a non-alcoholic beer that's flavored with pork butt and some other meat flavors.  So now, you can give your dog some beer without the potential of having a drunk dog on your hands.  And instead of saying "nectar of the Gods" it's "nectar of the dogs".  Well, everyone get on board with this one!

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Now Busch has the Apple ale, and also dog brew.  There's something for everyone.  The reason I thought it was the most Minnesota thing I've seen today is because when you go to the site or order some of this supposedly delicious dog brew, you find that it has been sold out.  You have to join a waiting list.  And here is what it says...

Complete with an "OPE".  Other than Minnesota people, where would you hear that?  So take pride in your state and give your dog the staple of people who live in this great state with some Busch "latte" of their own.

Cheers... er... WOOF!

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