If you've wondered why your boss gets upset when they see you looking at your cell phone at work, this will explain it easily.

Employee production time is a big part of a business' success, so when over an hour of work time a week is spent on things other than work, that's money lost.

A new study published by PRNewswire shows that the average employee spends a fifth of their time at work slacking off! Approximately 56 minutes a day is looking at our personal cell phones, and 42 minutes a day doing non-work/personal things. Total that up and you have nearly 100 minutes a day, per person, that's at work but not working.

So what could we possibly spend that much time at work looking at on our phone?

  • Checking and responding to our own personal email
  • Texting with your kids (especially during the summer)
  • Checking Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • If you're a sports addict, it's likely you can't stop checking your sports
  • Video games
  • Shopping on Amazon
  • Adult entertainment websites

If you're wondering just how bad you are with this, try leaving your phone in the car for the day, or shut it off, and see if your productivity level goes up. If you're one of the few people who really want to get a lot done at work, you might just take the phone out of the equation all together and find it enjoyable. I know your boss would appreciate that!

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