Well, look at that... just in time for the holidays.  The so-called Champagne of beers, Miller High Life, is now going to be sold in actual champagne bottles.  Nifty, right?  I have always thought of this beer as kind of an old person's beer.  But I have been totally wrong in that thinking, as I have found several younger people... the millennial generation drinking this beer.  Maybe it's become cool?  Well, it's definitely cool now that it's available now in actual champagne bottles. 


Need a champagne glass, too.  Flute, to be exact.  Nothing but class for this beer.

So, if you have that special person on your list that would absolutely love and appreciate such a gift, you have now found the right place.  This went on sale in both Milwaukee and Chicago this month.  And now they are available nationwide for the super low price of $3.49.  Nothing says I really care like $3.49.

Getty Images - Ever George Washington had a side hustle as a Cherry Tree Lumberjack

If you want one of these beauties, you'll have to act fast.  They will be available at most liquor stores, but only through the holiday season.  And when they are gone... they're gone.  So, stock up!