We always tend to get a bit nostalgic during the holidays. We look back at Christmases past and think of loved ones that are no longer with us on the holidays. As we get older, it's all about the kids and remembering how great Christmas time was every year.

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As a kid, things were much simpler around Christmas. No shopping malls, no electronic games, iPads, iPhones or any of those other overly expensive gift ideas. I think the most expensive gift I ever got as a kid was a new bike, which, at the time, was probably $60.

This year will be a little different with the supply chain issue and inflation. People will be scrambling for sought after gifts, especially when it comes to toys for the kids.

There's always those few "hot" toys that everyone is trying to get their hands on for their kids. I remember traveling to stores in a 50 mile radius one year to find some Nintendo thing. I think it was called "Light Bright" or something like that. I finally called and got a guy at a Walmart 50 miles away to hold 2 of them until I could get there to pick them up.

Check out this link and find out what Christmas was like the year you were born. My birth year, long ago, color TV was just introduced, yeah, I'm that old. Click the link and see what your birth year Christmas was like.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate this time of year.

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