Another SCSU move in weekend has come and gone. A time where the students move into their dorms or apartments and get set for a year of studying and of course, mixing in as much fun as possible.


This year there were 58 citations issued.  Only 19 of those were actually issued to SCSU students. Last year's citation count was 107.  That's good news. Either Students were better behaved this year or just lucky.

For freshman, who were until now living at home with their parents, shackled by rules and stuff at home, were set free upon society this past weekend. I believe that raising a little hell in your college years is par for the course. I like to think of it as making memories.  You know the saying, "No good story ever started with a salad".

I actually live near the hockey arena and so far it seems pretty quiet. Except for the occasional flock of drunk girls walking by.  Why is it intoxicated girls have to yell everything? They seem to be much louder the the guys.

Anyway, welcome students.  Study hard, so you don't end up in radio, and have fun making some lifelong memories.

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