Lake-GeorgeSt Cloud City Council is set to vote on making a part of Lake George's shoreline a nude beach.  President of the group Chunky Dunkers says "There are a lot of closet nudists in the area and this would be a perfect thing to show how liberal and livable it is in the St Cloud Area".                

Okay, I totally made this entire story up. But you have to admit, that just for a second you were thinking "WTF?"   There is so much "fake" news out there now that it's hard to know what to believe. Most outlets, it seems, are slanted one way or the other.  MSNBC and FOX News seem to be the biggest culprits at pushing an agenda. It's said that people that watch no news at all are just as informed as people who watch only MSNBC or FOX News.  I've found the BBC seems to be the most balanced outlet.  Where do you go for your news?

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