Yeah, it's that time of year where we, as a Loon tradition, feature the greatest Thanksgiving TV clip of all time.


I still remember watching this episode with my dad and watching him laugh harder than I'd ever seen him laugh before. One of my favorite memories of my dad.

I'm sure when they wrote this episode, they never in a million years thought it would continue to live on through the years.  But it certainly did.

I manage to catch old WKRP episodes on one of the HD channels out of the Twin Cities.  I can only hope they run the Great Turkey Drop this Thanksgiving Day.

If your kids or anyone in you family or friends group hasn't seen this, you need to make sure they witness it themselves this Thanksgiving.

So this Thanksgiving, give thanks for all you have in life and remember the great line from Mr Carlson "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly"


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