Would you stay at a clown motel?  I'm not really that freaked out by clowns, but I do get why some people are... It, the movie, John Wayne Gacy, all things creepy made from clowns, but I've really not been freaked out by them on a general basis.


But this place... no thank you!!  A Clown Motel????  Hard pass.

This thing is located in Nevada... of course it is.  Where else would you expect to find something this nuts?  If you are staying there, they want you to know you will be in for a fright.  In fact, that is part of the attraction to staying in the hotel.

Are you brave enough to spend a night at America’s scariest Clown Motel? Well, if you have a deep fear of clowns, you might want to pass on that! The Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada, is open specifically for people who are looking for a fright. The lobby is completely covered with clowns, including a life-sized clown sitting in a chair, holding smaller clown dolls in its lap.

Additionally, every single room is clown-themed. There are clowns on the doors and even portraits of famous clowns hanging on the walls. To add to the creepy factor, Tonopah is actually considered to be a bit of a ghost town.

I really don't think I would stay here.  I would, however, go and check out the place.  Might be kind of cool to see.