So, this has become one of the biggest trends.  Cobra Kai.  Have you checked it out on Netflix yet?  If you are familiar with the movie the Karate Kid from the 80s, this is a continuation of that.  In the present.  Daniel and Johnny have  grown up.  The once down and out new kid, Daniel, is now a very successful car dealer. High end cars.  He  has a wife and a family and lives in a nice neighborhood.

Johnny, who grew up in a nice neighborhood, had privilege and money, is now down on his luck, stuck in the 80s like no one I have ever seen before.  Is basically penniless, has a kid from what seems like a one night stand, and his kid is a juvenile delinquent and hates him.

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So, that's sets you up for the series.  It's only a half an hour, so low commitment level.  There are currently only 2  seasons out, with the 3rd rumored to be on the way very soon.

I find myself rooting for Johnny.  He's the pathetic underdog, and has learned some things along the way. I heard so many people talking about this show and that I should watch it.  I took a plane ride with no entertainment available other than my phone for me to check it out.  I'm glad I did. It really is pretty cheesy, but in the most awesome way.

They do quite a few flashbacks to the original movie, but I'm just wondering if I'm the only one feeling like I kind of want Johnny Lawerence to succeed.  Daniel is uber successful and kind of,  in my opinion, a "D".

I want others to check this out and let me know what you Johnny or team Daniel?

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