They say, meh, the cold weather? We're Minnesotans, we can handle it.  Well, we might be Minnesotans, but we also like all 4 seasons.  And this year, at least for the foreseeable future, it looks to remain in the cool range.  And for me, that is the cold range.

NOAA climate prediction center

Yes, it's the weather and things tend to spin on a dime, but wow...I've been just waiting for this stuff to warm up, please.  Can we please get an 80 up in this place??

That is anything but comforting.  The one upside is that they have also predicted wetter than average as far as precipitation goes... and with that, when it's cool, that generally means the odds of getting severe weather, or tornadoes is also low.  It's just too cold.  That is the ONLY upside I see in this situation.

  Anyway- here's to hoping things get better after this initial outlook.