Well, at least they can get paid for endorsements in California.  Here in Minnesota, Governor Walz would like to implement a law as well.  This is something that normally was only available to professional athletes.  Previously the NCAA didn't allow this, but now, with California kicking this off, other states will probably follow suit.  This also doesn't happen until 2023.

2012 NIT Championship - Semifinals - Washington v Minnesota
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Let's be honest, there are a handful of athletes at that level that are going to be attractive to certain businesses for endorsement deals.  It's not going to be everyone.  But, when a team is great... locally I would say an example would be the NDSU Bison football team...there would be some opportunity.  Especially when you know the college is getting a lot of money off the team's success.  Shouldn't some of that be passed on to the athletes themselves?

I don't want to take away from the education that these athletes are getting... they usually are getting a full ride scholarship as well.  So there is that.

But, they should have some other opportunities as well.  Hopefully Minnesota will instate this law too.


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