It boggles my mind on a daily basis. Conspiracy theories that are so far fetched, you have to wonder just what kind of mind embraces such nonsense. No kidding, every day there is a new one I run across.

The Bilderberg Group Arrive In Watford
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Of course, there's the one about Bill Gates putting microchips in the COVID vaccines so he can track our every move.  Well, go for it Bill. Following me may actually bore you to death.

One other vaccine conspiracy theory I recently heard was that the vaccine was developed before COVID-19 hit.  The virus was purposely released to sell the vaccines.

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How about the one claiming President Biden isn't Joe Biden at all. He's an actor playing the part of the President.  I heard one person double down on it and state that that's why he always wears a mask.

One from a few years back. Hillary Clinton is running a child prostitution ring out of the basement of a pizza parlor in New York City.

Let's not forget the chemtrails left floating down on us all from the thousands of jetliners passing overhead.  Obviously the government is drugging us and making us more passive, thus more controllable by a tyrannical government. Geez!

Alex Jones has had some real doozies.  He was preaching to anyone that would listen about how the Sandy Hook school shootings were all faked to get gun control passed by Congress.

There are so many conspiracy theories out there. From the JFK assassination, Elvis isn't dead to the Moon landing was faked, etc. It's impossible to cover them all.

All these would be fine and dandy if one could only back any of them up with actual facts.

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