Zoom meetings.  They have become a thing in 2020. I'll be honest, at first it seemed like a cool thing to do.  It was great that technology is such that  we  can have meetings, cocktail hours, play games, you name it without  actually being in the same room.  It was what we needed to do in this time of a global pandemic.

Creatas, ThinkStock
Creatas, ThinkStock

People would spice up their backgrounds.  Sometimes because you just wanted a change.  Other times it might be for a privacy reason.  You don't want  people seeing all the crap in your home, kids, crazy stuff, or whatever.  Sometimes it might be because you actually would like to be at the place that you have as your Zoom background.  If that is the case- this contest is for you!

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Coors Light has launched a contest where they want to send you to your Zoom background.  So if it happens to be the Eiffel Tower, or a beach in the Bahamas, or maybe out in some forest or outdoor area in Vermont, this is your chance.

This is finally a contest that I would probably enter.  I mean, why not?  Coors Light, good!  Vacation, good! Going somewhere that I used as a fantasy place, also good!

My only question is... what if you had a background that was of Mars or some other planet... I guess you wouldn't win?  I may have to check the fine print on that one.

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