I admit, I've been looking into installing one of these Ring security doorbells on our house. With the package thefts and just the usual desire to feel safe in one's home, it seems like they would be an excellent addition to anyone's home.

Doorbell-Camera Company Ring Partners With Over 400 Police Departments, Raising Surveillance Concerns
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According to the Consumer Protection Agency these security doorbells have caused 23 fires, so far. What it boils down to is incorrect installation. More specifically, using incorrect screws when installing causing the batteries to overheat.

Ring recently announced that they are recalling about 350 thousand of it's Second Generation doorbell cameras, due to the potential fire hazard.

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If you think you may have one of these doorbell cameras from Ring included in the recall, You can check Ring's website ring.com to see what action you should take. It seems the only doorbells that present a fire hazard are the ones that were improperly installed by using incorrect screws that may cause the batteries to overheat.

It should be noted that if you think you have one of the cameras on the recall list, there is no need to send in your camera. Ring is just giving people corrected instructions to fix the problem.

When installed correctly, I think these doorbell cameras are a great thing for deterring thefts from your doorstep and just generally keeping an eye on things.

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