Well, this is cool.  It's great to hear about causes that help people around the St. Cloud area.  This time it's a Food Drive that is working with local restaurant Coyote Moon Grill.

In 2020 it was announced that Coyote Moon Grill had won a contest for one of their recipes.  It was for their Fried Chicken Sandwich with Raspberry Chipotle Sauce which is on a scone.  It looks absolutely delicious!

Coyote Moon Facebook Page
Coyote Moon Facebook Page

Now, there is another contest including the winners from the 2020 Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest Winners group.  The winner of this one will win money for their local charity of their choice.  Coyote Moon's charity is Catholic Charities for their food drive.

CC - Food Drive Flyer

The voting takes place now through tomorrow, February 26th.  Check out the link here, and let's hope that there is some extra help going towards this drive.

The actual food drive does run through the end of March.  Your vote for Coyote Moon's entry of that delicious looking sandwich will just help push to get more help for people in the St. Cloud area that are in need.

COVID has not helped people who were already hurting before this pandemic.  And now, there are more people than ever in need. So, your support really does make a difference.

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You can help in another way as well:

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