This time of year, especially with Halloween just a couple of months away, I start thinking about haunted, or just creepy places around the area.

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There is always the Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre.  You can stay there.  And it's very well known that it's haunted.  They actually ask their guests to "be friendly to the spirits and ghosts".  Yeah... I'm going to give that one a hard pass.  I don't want to see dead people, or even any evidence of them being there.  It creeps me out.  But touring something during the day... or even at night... I'm good with that. I'm just not going to spend the night there.

PHOTO: Nick Cooper – TSM Duluth
PHOTO: Nick Cooper – TSM Duluth

Recently, I ran across this place.   It's an old sanitorium in Duluth. The picture above kind of reminds me of Alcatraz. Which is also haunted, by the way. But anyway,  have you watched A&E's Ghost Hunters or the TRAVEL channel's Ghost Adventures?  Both of those shows have me  fascinated.  Like I said... I don't want to see evidence of paranormal with my own eyes, but watching shows like this do have my interest.  Ghost Adventures featured the Duluth building in a show in 2012.  It's called the Nopeming Sanatorium.  It opened in 1912... yes, the same year the Titanic sank.  One had nothing to do with the other, but just that it was the same year.

Isn't that just great?  Makes you feel good all over doesn't it?  If you sense some sarcasm there you are correct.  It's like the lepers of Bible times... go live on a colony by yourselves.

Apparently this place used to give indoor tours.  How creepy is that?  Within the last year or so, the tours have been halted, and right now, it doesn't look like they are going to resume at any time soon.  But, if you happen to be one of those paranormal junkies, you might want to keep an eye on this place.  Maybe you'll be able to tour it at a later date.

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