'Dark Side'4, YouTube

The inspiration for the prism for due to the 'above and beyond' light shows Pink Floyd would be known for, the use of light during their concerts is a must see.How fitting was that, according to Storm Thorgerson, " The refracting glass prism referred to Floyd's light shows."

Storm Thorgerson1, YouTube

During an interview for Pink Floyd's 30th anniversary Storm goes on to say in regards to the cover, "It's outline is triangular and triangles are symbols of ambition and are redolent of pyramids, both cosmic and mad in equal measure, all these ideas touch on the themes of the lyrics."

What you're seeing then is the spectrum which extends around the back park of the cover and across the inside foldout. It's very similar to how the tracks on the album are segueing throughout. It all starts with the opening heartbeat, in comparison to the repeating light on a radar screen.

I would have to say Pink Floyd best listened to with a headset, close your eyes and listen to the music, It will take you away. Enjoy the madness through Pink Floyd's video for the complete album of the"Dark Side of the Moon":


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