It's interesting that the song, "Us and Them" was written three years prior to 'Dark Side of the Moon' and submitted for the movie Zabriskie Point (1970) as part of the soundtrack.

Even though the song was originally for the soundtrack the director Michelangelo Antonioni said no,therefore; the movies loss was no doubt the 'Dark Side of the Moons' gain.

Pink Floyd and The Complete Zabriskie Point Sessions:

The film itself was a cult classic yet a commercial failure. According to David Gilmour they wanted the song, "Us and Them" to be a part of the film that showed the riots and police beating up students on the UCLA campus, "the counterpoint between slow, rather beautiful music and this violence going was great." David went on to say, "We couldn't understand it when Antonioni said: 'Ees not quiite riight for thees beet'."

Pink Floyd, "Us and Them":

I would have to say Pink Floyd best listened to with a headset, close your eyes and listen to the music, It will take you away. Enjoy the madness through Pink Floyd’s video for, "Us and Them":

David Gilmour, "Us and Them" (Rare):

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