Hey Baxter,

I'm new to all this marriage stuff. Recently, my new wife asked me to take a couples quiz in Cosmopolitan Magazine. All was going well until the question, How many sexual partners have you had?  Well, my answer was over 100 and hers was 2.  She just went ballistic and said if she had known this, she would have never married me. What do I do now?



Hey Max,

Boy, you are new at this, aren't you?  Never take one of those Cosmo quizzes, NEVER! They are all man traps. Damage control is in order. Try some lame stuff like, "It took me that many to find you"  or "I was being held hostage by my own genitalia". I doubt she'll buy either of these but give it a shot. Hope this helps and I hope you do better with your next wife.


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