Dear Baxter,

The holiday I dread every year is fast approaching. Every Halloween since I've known my husband he's insisted on dressing up as a woman for Halloween. Not just a casual costume but I mean decked out. Spends the whole time at parties sitting on guy's laps and just making a fool out of himself. And it doesn't stop there. He wears the costume the few days before Halloween and several days after, he's self employed and works from home. I've asked him to please tone it down but he claims he's just in the spirit of Halloween. What can I do?


Rebecca from St Cloud


Here's my response:

Hey Rebecca,

To me, Halloween costumes should be scary or gross. It seems to me that the only one being scared or grossed out is you. Maybe a suggestion on another costume might work but the way it sounds, probably not. I guess just go along with it and when you are helping him get ready for the parties, stick this sign on his back and enjoy the night.  Hope this helps.




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