They were originally named Deaf Leopard and changed their name to Def Leppard which made them sound less like a punk rock band.

Original members had Joe Elliot (vocals), Pete Willis ( guitar), Tony Kenning (drums) and Rick Savage (bass). Eventually Pete and Tony would leave the band and Vivian Campbell (guitar), Rick Allen (drums) and Phil Collen (guitar) would sign on and they never looked back.

The band was formed in 1977 by Rick Savage,Tony Kenning and Pete Willis, soon to add Joe Elliot and Steve Clark (who died of an accidental overdose and alcohol poisoning in 1991).


It proved to be a big year in 1983 when they released, "Pyromania"and things would only get better for the band.

The album produced such hits as, 'Photograph','Rock of Ages', 'Too Late For Love', and tonights featured video/song 'Foolin'.

"Pyromania" featured the use of high-tech, futuristic type effects that included very rich vocal harmony. One of the main reason to the success of 'Def Leppard' was all the members could sing.

It would be four more long awaited years for the fans before the next album would be produced. In that time frame Rick Allen would lose his left arm and taught himself to play drums with his legs.

'Pyromania' was all it took to establish tremendous success for the band in the United States, and the album 'Hysteria' solidified that as well.

Interesting note "Def Leppard" was known as the tireless touring band by playing three concerts on three different continents ( Africa, Europe and North America) in a single day which made The Guinness book of World Records.

They performed in front of well over 50-Million people and sold more than 65-Million Albums.

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