I see a few of my friends on Facebook who have a shared page.  Like it has both of their names on it.  Why is that?  I know where my mind goes immediately... I think that one or both of you have some sort of trust issue.  Like it doesn't cost anything to have a separate page.  Unless you have your page locked down, you don't have to hide anything.  The only thing hidden would be a private message.  But otherwise it's fairly public.

I see people people posting different subject matter when they have a shared page and generally I can tell which of them did the posting, but I still wonder why... and it's horrible that my mind goes in that direction.  But it's just that... you could post the cure for cancer and I would still think.. why a shared page?  What's the issue?

Laura Bradshaw

Admittedly, it's probably because one of the two just doesn't really care, and it's an easy way to get in touch with both... but I still think hmmmmmm.