It's something most all of us have to do, work. It's almost a shame how much of our lives we spend just trying to survive.


And for many, barely surviving is all they are doing.

Someone once told me that there are a million ways to make money. I guess you see it everyday. But how important is it to you that you truly enjoy your job?

I consider myself lucky. For the most part I enjoy what I do. I'm sure I probably could have done better financially if I had made other choices in life. But we make our on choices.

I envy those of my friends that are retired and living financially secure. Those people held positions that provided pensions and generous retirement programs.

Anyway, how important is it to like your job?  I can't imagine how soul sucking it would be to have to get out of bed 5 or 6 mornings a week, only to go to a job you hate. And what really sucks is that many of those that do just that might barely be getting by.

The people that I know that are the happiest are those that chose to go into an artistic field. Many are just getting by but seem very content with their position in life.

That may be the secret. Find your passion, work hard and your rewards will come. Financial or otherwise...

Do you like what you do? What would you rather be doing?

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