Lately, maybe just because it's Summer, maybe because there has been such a focus on foods and beverages that are more healthy, but whatever the reason there has been a huge onslaught of spiked seltzer drinks.  It seems as though every manufacturer, distributor, and brewery has their own version.  Some people are comparing these to Zima.  This was a semi- popular drink in the 90s that sort of...can we say...sucked.  I would not refer to any of the seltzers as that type of thing... but with that said I will say that some are much better than others.

That brings me to my question... do you think that if a guy drinks these it makes him less manly?  Or if you are a guy and you drink these, do you feel like it's a super-girly drink?

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

I don't think it is, but if you do feel like that, I have a solution.  Drink a seltzer water that is flavored, like Bubly, and mix it with a regular unflavored vodka.  The calories are still low and hey, no carbs.  And, people won't look at you weird.  The one drawback is that most bars/restaurants don't carry flavored carbonated water.  Just the plain boring stuff.  So, add some lemons or limes.  That helps.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

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