With Governor Walz's new restrictions on restaurants last week and allowing outdoor dining, many people were left scratching their heads. WTH? It's December. A bit chilly to be enjoying one's dinner outside in December in Minnesota.


From what I hear, it was a request to the governor from Minnesota breweries. Evidently, a cold beer outside is quite palatable to some brew guzzlers. I guess the beer stays nice and cold, right?  Not so much for those that order dinner outside. I doubt the food will stay hot for very long.

Some eateries in Duluth have been getting pretty creative with the new "only outdoor dining allowed".

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“I feel like it hasn’t been as needed as it has this year. I think people are more willing to brave the cold than I think they were in past years,” said Amanda Agamaite, the Event and Hospitality Manager at Ursa Minor Brewing.

Ursa Minor Brewing has been getting pretty creative in providing their customers a pretty comfortable outdoor dining experience.  Using fire pits and pellet stoves to keep their patrons semi warm outside. “We’re willing to take what we can get. We were doing our best with curbside and delivery. This is just a nice added bonus,” said Agamaite. “Especially when there’s sun outside. These are all people that maybe would have come from curbside but it’s nice to see some new faces and some regulars as well.”

7 Taphouse on Miller Hill, not having a patio, put their thinking caps on and created an outdoor space using hay bales and a fire pit, Christmas decorations made out of lights and old kegs to transform their parking lot into an bonfire type experience.

“It is definitely a challenge, but this whole year has been restaurants adapting to change so that’s just what we did. And we just said we have to try,” said Jen Wright, General Manager of 7 West Taphouse on Miller Hill. “We know that the northland is hearty and they’ve always been supportive of us. And I know that if we initiated a ‘Butts on Bales’ strategy they would come.”



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