Different areas of the country prefer certain Easter candy, whether you knew this or not, and we've got your list of what each state's candy preference is this weekend.

It's not just a Cadbury Crème Eggs and Peeps country anymore. Chocolate companies everywhere have started to get in on the Easter candy game and it's changed the entire playing field, forcing our Easter palates to broaden a little.

Let's start by saying that Minnesota's preferred Easter candy is Cadbury's Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs. Yes, those colorfully wrapped solid chocolate tiny eggs that we're sick of seeing for 6 months after Easter because there's no possible way to eat all of them over a weekend.

How different are we with preferring these? There's 4 other states that share in this preference actually! Idaho, North Dakota, New Mexico, and Oregon all feel the same as we do.

Mashable posted this infographic showing what each state prefers for Easter candy, and it looks like Cadbury is still the best bet for many people to stock up on.

Easter Candy By State
Photo Credit: Influenster

I'm surprised that Peeps aren't more popular though. It seems the east coast really likes those nasty little sugar monsters, but not so much anywhere else.

When it comes to my favorite, I'm going to have to agree with Iowa and Ohio. LOVE, love, love the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!

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