This is super cool.  We all know that in the Summer, we all want to be out on the patio or some sort of outdoor dining any time we can.  Taking advantage of the nice outdoor weather is the best thing about Summer in Minnesota.  But, we wait so long for that to happen, and it's only for a few months. Or, it was until now. Check this out...

It's dining on the patio in a dome!  Yes, it does cost a bit more, and you do need to reserve your spot ahead of time, but I think this could totally be worth it.  There is a Facebook event created for this type of dining, and it has all of the info that you need right there; date, times, cost, etc.  In part... this is the description:

Introducing, the first year of winter outdoor patio dining experience! Three beautiful - and heated - domes will feature special menus, decorations, and a wonderful dining experience. Great for holiday parties, special events, and group gatherings! Each dome can fit up to 8 guests.

Finally- outside, dinner and drinks, and not freezing your butt off in the Winter in Minnesota.  What's not to love??