There's not many cold jokes you haven't heard if you live in Minnesota or should I saw MinneSNOWta! Maybe you've heard about the different seasons we have here in Minnesota "almost winter, winter, almost summer and road construction". How cold is it in Minnesota, so cold that taking an icy walk on the lake is snow problem!

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It's so cold my faucet is pouring out snow flakes!

I think you get the picture and probably have several more "it's so cold jokes" that you can send me them in our app if you want, I'm always up for a bad/good or a good/bad joke.

The other way that we like to prove it's so cold outside is actually show examples by doing something. Like the popular of boiling water than throwing it out in negative degree weather and watching it turn to snow before our eyes in a matter of seconds. In case you haven't seen this trick, here ya go:

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But I saw something that I feel is even more creative and it made me laugh pretty good! It's actually something I want to try and put up somewhere around St. Cloud or in Central  Minnesota and tape people's reaction when they see it. Here take a look for yourself the TikTok done by therealminnesotacold:


@therealminnesotacold Minnesota, it's so cold that... #Minnesota#cold#coldweather#winter#minnesotan#minnesotacold#MNCold#Frozen#Snow#FrozenTP#ToiletPaper#TP♬ original sound - Minnesota Cold

This probably would not have gone over well when we had a TP shortage, but now all is fair in cold and toilet paper! I also saw they did their own version of the throwing water into the cold and it looks AWESOME, something I else I need to try now too. Maybe you will too...  

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@therealminnesotacold Minnesota, it's so cold that... #MinnesotaCold #MNCold #Minnesota #Cold #coldweather #winter #Frozen #watergun #frozenwater #Ice #tiktok #explore #sno ♬ original sound - Minnesota Cold

If you have any other "it's so cold" in Minnesota tricks like this you'd like to share, please send me a message in our app, I'd love to see them!

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