I have never been to Ikea, but I have heard that it can be a bit confusing until you learn how to navigate the store.

Stephen Chernin, Getty Images

This guy put arrows on the floor at Ikea that lead to nowhere just so he could watch people just roam around in confusion.  I'm just wondering how long people actually did that before they realized that the arrows don't actually point you in the direction of the exit.  Or even the cash wraps.

Keith Brofsky, Thinkstock

Apparently the culprit was arrested.  Why?  For making people completely frustrated?  Or was there an actual legal reason?  I guess you could claim that the arrest was due to vandalism?  I mean, it could be counted as such, but it's vandalism that is easily rendered.  Just peel those puppies off the floor.  Make him do it.  You really need to arrest the dude?  Maybe it should really be a clue that it's confusing enough in Ikea, and they should really put arrows on the floor anyway... or are there some and this dude just moved them?


It is KINDA funny.

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