This week is Fall Premiere Week.  Granted, some shows don't premiere until October, the bulk of the new shows are this week.  I record pretty much everything on DVR, and then decide later what's worth it to keep and which ones are just dumb, and I dump.


This week I have high hopes for Bluff City Law, a show that brings back Jimmy Smits.  I remember him being on LA Law when I was in high school.  He has been in other things since, but this one seems more closely mirroring that show from the 80s and 90s.  It premiered last night.. .it's on at 9pm, so yep, DVR.  I'll watch it sometime this week and see if it's worth it or not.

This Is Us is back tonight.  Seems like they are doing more of the Jack and Rebecca back story, along with what's happening in the future. Sometimes I don't get this show, but it still pulls at the heart strings.  Just when I think that there is no more story to tell, they introduce a new little twist.  Honestly, I've heard more about this show than most others.

If you are into Madam Secretary, that premieres the beginning of October.  I feel like maybe they should change the name of the show now since they have teased the fact that Elizabeth McCord is now the president.

If you want to see the entire line up check it out here.  

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