Here it is- Fat Tuesday today.  The night of debauchery and craziness before the season of lent begins tomorrow with Ash Wednesday.  Then this leads us up to Easter.

king cake surrounded by mardi gras decorations
Getty Images/iStockphoto

This Kind cake thing.  This thing is just weird.  It's basically a danish, with some frosting and colorful sprinkles on the frosting.  Plus, there is a baby in the cake... somewhere.  If you happen to get a piece of cake with the baby in it, there are a few lines of tradition depending on who you talk to.  The most popular one, that I have heard, is the fact that it's supposed to bring the person who found it good luck for the rest of the year.  Also- you are in charge of buying or making the king cake next year.  And thirdly, if you are in a realm of people who have Mardi Gras parties, you are in charge of either planning or hosting said Mardi Gras party.


Have you tried one of these cakes?  What did you think?

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