So, I guess when it's snowy and cold for like weeks/months on end, what do we do?  We drink.  But when you drink to excess, most people- not all, and I'm very jealous of those people, get a hangover.  Obviously the first thing you want is some water, Gatorade, or some other way to try and re-hydrate so the hangover goes bye-bye.

Michael Gray/Thinkstock

But, by the time you can stomach some food, what's your go-to?  I always wanted some peanut butter toast.  Apparently that is not the norm.  Who knew that I was weird?  (don't answer that).  But I found this article that shows what the most popular places are for great hangover food.

Jack In The Box (we don't have these here)

Carl's Jr (Hardees)

White Castle


Five Guys

In-N-Out Burger (see trend of fast food above)

Denny's (Perkins)

Taco Bell (yeah, baby!)



And the number 1 place that people like to go for great hangover food- WAFFLE HOUSE!!!  Of course, locally we have Waffle-It.  And it's delicious.

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