So, I guess when it's snowy and cold for like weeks/months on end, what do we do?  We drink.  But when you drink to excess, most people- not all, and I'm very jealous of those people, get a hangover.  Obviously the first thing you want is some water, Gatorade, or some other way to try and re-hydrate so the hangover goes bye-bye.

Michael Gray/Thinkstock

But, by the time you can stomach some food, what's your go-to?  I always wanted some peanut butter toast.  Apparently that is not the norm.  Who knew that I was weird?  (don't answer that).  But I found this article that shows what the most popular places are for great hangover food.

Top 10- from 10 to 1, and I will have some place that we have locally that would be comparable.

Jack In The Box (we don't have these here)

Carl's Jr (Hardees)

White Castle


Five Guys

In-N-Out Burger (see trend of fast food above)

Denny's (Perkins)

Taco Bell (yeah, baby!)



And the number 1 place that people like to go for great hangover food- WAFFLE HOUSE!!!  Of course, locally we have Waffle-It.  And it's delicious.