We all remember George Carlin as a very controversial and outspoken political commentator. Evidently, that is what landed him on the FBI's radar in the 60's.

What put George Carlin in the national limelight had to be his bit "The Seven Dirty Words". I actually saw him do that bit in the early 70's.

What put Carlin on the FBI"S radar was an appearance on the Jackie Gleason Show in 1969. Carlin did a bit making great fun of J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI Director at that time. Hoover was not known for his sense of humor and the FBI started a file on Carlin, thinking he may have been a terrorist.


After his appearance on that show, the show received a number of letters of complaint. Later it was revealed that the FBI had a practice of sending those kinds of letters out claiming to be average citizens.

I have to say I miss George Carlin. He was an excellent commentator on the ills of society and government. I doubt there will ever be another like him.

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